EACH week Van Insurance scours the country in search of van driving super stars. We are sorry to report; yet again we have drawn a blank! But while our search has proven fruitless, Van Insurance can reveal the hottest celebrities behind the hottest wheels.

Amanda Holden has cpoken candidly about her affair with Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey. The Britain's Got Talent judge, who was then married to Les Dennis at the time, says she was devasted when the public turned on her.

“The backlash over my affair with Neil Morrissey was the worst thing that ever happened to me,” she says. “Up to that point I'd never been in any major trouble and I found the fall from grace incredibly hard to deal with.

“I can't bear not to be liked. I had an affair and overnight turned into this awful person.” “Looking back, I can see that when I married Les not everybody believed I loved him and that it was not going to last because he's 16 years older than me. They were waiting for something to happen.”

Amanda – who will tie the knot with music producer fiancé Chris Hughes, the father of her daughter Lexie, 2 believes Morissey got away with it a lot better than herself.

“Les has always been a bit of a national treasure and Neil had that whole Men Behaving Badly image,’ she adds. ‘It was perfect headline material but a horrendous thing to go through. There are no hard feelings with Les. I wish him the best but we've both moved on.”

Meanwhile, the actress who is a keen conservationist and Born Free patron, recently visited the Motor Show to collect a land rover on the charity’s behalf, she says: "Having visited some of India’s remotest regions with our rescued tigers earlier this year, I can fully appreciate the value of Land Rover’s versatile vehicles to the invaluable work Born Free does.”

The singer’s agents have denied rumours that she has hired Mariah Carey's personal trainer. The X Factor winner, who has just bought a top of the range mini, was believed to be working out with A-list trainer Patricia Gay to get her into shape. But Leona's agent denies the story

Meanwhile, Carey has been quick to dismiss claims Leona is set to fill her shoes in the US. “I only heard her once and I didn't really hear a true similarity,” she says.

The Hollywood actress has reportedly been brawling with Samantha Ronson.

Ronson was DJing at Crown Bar in West Hollywood when she got into an argument with the Freaky Friday star. “They had a full-blown fight, says one onlooker: “Evan Ross, Diana’s son, and Lauren Conrad comforted her while Lindsay kept wiping her tears.”

It is not the first time Lohan has landed herself in trouble, the actress narrowly escaped death when her car was recently involved in a head on collision

The sexy songstress and Chris Brown have been spotted canoodling in Miami over the weekend, but are denying any romantic involvement. “They were all over each other even though they were just waiting at the counter, says an onlooker: “They were hugging and kissing, and Rihanna even joked about jumping on Chris’s back at one point. It was very cute. They looked very happy and at ease.”

Meanwhile, the Umbrella singer is believed to have made a full recovery from the car crash she was involved in following the recent Grammys. After picking up a Grammy for Rap/Sung collaboration, the star was rammed by another vehicle - fortunately no one was hurt.

The superstar has reportedly caused tension backstage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Madonna who heads up the festival is reported to have submitted a list of demands - including her own VIP area backstage and to be flown the 37 miles from her home to the venue by helicopter.

“As well as her own VIP area, she had a 70-strong entourage and three dressing rooms. Her security was so tight, even hubby Guy Ritchie had trouble getting in, says a source.

“She had special Kabbalah water shipped in and demanded bouquets of white roses which remained unopened. “While she only ate fresh fruit, the same can’t be said of her friends. They arrived early and wolfed down free food and booze reserved for the artists.

“Madonna also failed to endear herself to performers by arriving late for rehearsals and forcing everyone else’s allocated time slot to be put back. All in all, most people couldn’t wait to see the back of her, adds the source.

Madonna is no stranger to the high life, she owns a fleet of fabulous cars, including a Mini cooper, BMW 7-Series, an Audi A8, and a Ł270,000 Maybach super-limousine.

The Sex and the City star has revealed that despite her immense fortune, she likes to power walk around the city rather than drive a car and dresses her son in hand me down clothes.

The fashion icon’s says of five-year-old James Wilkie: “He only wears hand-me-downs because I’ve got all these older nephews. That’s the God’s honest truth. Plus, my mother saved all my brothers’ clothes. I am not kidding.

“I do buy him shoes, because everybody’s feet are different [but] I don’t think I’ve ever bought him any clothes. Maybe a new winter’s coat…”

“I put him to bed every night. I get him dressed. I’m the one who gives him his toothbrush. I take him to school every morning. He’s very small, but his personality is 6 foot 4.”

But the star is keen to keep her son’s feet firmly on the ground: “I think that if I had been raised a child of privilege, I wouldn’t be the working person I am today.

“I think it’s incumbent on my husband and me to really stress and to show James Wilkie by example what it means to owe your community something and that he is not entitled to the benefits of our hard work.

“That doesn’t mean that I’m withholding or keeping from him the joys of childhood - I’m not Joan Crawford. But I also don’t want him to think the world he lives in is the real world. It’s not.”

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